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Happy Holidays!!!!

Just thought I’d pop in to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday!!!!  I’m taking a quick break from making my very untraditional  meatballs for dinner.  We had our more traditional holiday dinner of Prime Rib the other night while Jim was off of work.  After that the kids will open some presents, then we’ll make some cookies for Santa!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Because I haven’t shared anything in a while…

Here’s one I took of my kids a month or so ago.  I just recently edited it and kinda love it….

My Awesome Nephews

Last week I was able to squeeze in a little session of my nephews for my sister. These little guys are quite the handful, but oh so cute! We decided to check out a place that I’ve been meaning to go to since I’ve lived on this side of town. The Edsel Ford House, which is absolutely GORGEOUS! We didn’t even go inside, but spent some time on the grounds just looking around! We had to be quick because the sky was very ominous! In fact we just missed the rain that hit my house which was only a couple of miles away!

Here’s Elliot! I just LOVE his red hair and green eyes!

And his little brother Oliver, who is mighty cute himself!

Here they are, the gruesome twosome!

Can he get any cuter than this?

Oliver is pretty darn cute too!

The rose garden is just amazing! I bet it’s stunning in the spring.

And the ivy covered walls are awesome!

I love those guys! So fun!

Addie’s First Day of Preschool

And now it’s Addison’s turn! Yes, now that she’s entered the grown up world of preschool she prefers to be referred to as Addison and not Addie. I was a bit taken aback by her decision to change to her full name. But I guess this is what life is when you have a very opinionated three your old. It has been a bit of an adjustment and you better believe she’ll correct you if you call her Addie. As in if I say, “Come here Addie”, she’ll interrupt and say in her scolding voice “Add-i-SIIINNNN!”. Oh boy.

So AddiSON finally got her chance to go to school. She’s been looking forward to this day for a long time now!

A little collage of pics before leaving that I put together….

Just because they’re a little small, I have to post a couple full size…

She’s so silly!

I didn’t get many once we were at the school, but this one cracks me up. I don’t know why the funny face…I believe I told her to turn around so that I could get light on her face and she saw the playground out the window? Regardless, the expression cracks me up!

And once inside her classroom, she made a beeline right for the dollhouse…of course!

Once her day was done, she reported that she likes it. Her teachers are nice, but the other kids don’t share. She can’t wait to go back!

A couple oldies…

I was just going through some old files looking for a specific pic of Aidan from last summer that I want to reedit for a print I want to hang in my family room.  Still haven’t found the shot I was looking for, but I did come across a couple of RAW files that I can’t believe I never edited. Conveniently enough, these were taken around this time last summer. When I saw this pic of Aidan, my heart went soft.  Wow, his face has really matured in this last year!

Seriously, he looks so sweet and young!

And here’s Addie.  I think she’s changed a lot in the last year, but in this pic she looks the same to me….But cute as always!!!

A few from a birthday party…

My BFF Rachel’s little boy turned three this weekend!  She just had a small family party for him, and it was lots of fun!

Here are Logan and Addie playing in the sandbox

See how nice they are playing?

I sat down and then a few minutes later here comes a sad Logan.  He got some sand in his mouth.  I’ve come to the conclusion that Addie had something to do with this.  When she saw this photo, she asked if I was mad at her.  I can’t get her to go into any detail, but you better believe she’ll be apologizing to him next time we see him!

Fortunately, he wasn’t sad for long!  Who can be sad when there are presents to open!

Big brother Victor helps out too!

Here we have Rachel modeling one of Logan’s gifts.  You’ll notice that it’s a Cowboy and Indian toy.  Look closer and you see that the Indian is going to shoot the cowboy with his big gun!  Sorry, a little politically incorrect humor I suppose? I’m actually surprised stores still sell toys like this.

So a BIG Happy Birthday goes out to Logan! We had lots of fun!

My kids. An attempt at a sibling session.

There is a park that I’ve heard about that I wanted to go check it out to see if I would be using it as a photo location.  So, I though what a perfect opportunity that would be to get some pics of the kids together.  Because the children of photographers always have a camera in their face are photographed often, they are not the most willing participants.  I had intentions of getting a few of the kids together and focus on getting some shots of Aidan alone.  I have so many more pics of Addie, and now I remember why.  Aidan just isn’t into it.  At all.  So, I did get a couple that I love of the two together, and a few of Addie alone, but only a couple of solo shots of Aidan.

I love the way she’s looking at him here.  I know this will probably change in a couple years, but she just loves her brother so much.

I know it wasn’t my intent to get these, but I just love this set from Addie.

And the couple I did manage to get from Aidan.  I wish I could’ve gotten more.

And one last one of them together…

Meet Ham Bogey

At least that’s what her mom calls her and it totally fits!  Her name is really Arianna and she is the little girl of an old coworker of mine.  She is so full of personality and is an absolute ham!  I kept calling her America’s Next Top Model because she was posing like a pro.  She may or may not have busted out her Vogueing skills.  LOL! Here are a few of my favorites from our session…

I mean REALLY.  Can she be any cuter?

I had such a great time with this shoot and it was great to see my friend Gabby again after so long!  We definitely have to get our kids together for a fun playdate!

Addie’s 3rd Birthday Bash

Of course we had a little party in celebration of Addie turning three.  The weather wasn’t at it’s best, so we spent most of our time inside.  We still had a great time.  The kids were all so great!

Aidan and Victor played with the Wii in my room for a bit.

My adorable nephew Elliot

Logan LOOOVED the piano!  I think he totally looks like Schroeder from The Peanuts.

Oliver munches on a (toy) banana

Taking a juice box break!

Pinata time!

My friend Rachel’s husband, Vic in action with his FABULOUS new camera..not to mention very cool shoes. 😉

She seemed a little indifferent while we sang Happy Birthday

Her first attempt at blowing out the candles

But that didn’t work, so Jim gave her a little assistance

(I have to add that I just love this pic!!!)

Jim doling out the cake

See food?  LOL!  Eating cake…

What happens when you hand the camera to the husband. 😉  But hey, proof that I was there!

I couldn’t possibly be more of a dork

Hanging with her grampa after the party started to wind down.

So I think the party was quite the success!  Addie had so much fun as did all the kids.  Wow, three years old!  I’m constantly amazed by how fast these kids are growing up.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Addie Joy

Wow, it’s crazy to think that Addie is now 3 years old!  How does time pass so fast?  It seems like only yesterday that she was a sweet little newborn.  Now she’s a vivacious, funny, smart, and sweet little girl.

Earlier this month I took Addie out to Metro Beach for her third birthday portraits.  I’ve already shared these on Facebook, so they’re not too new, but I figured it’s the perfect time to share them here.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!!