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Horray, going to a Mexico theme party!

Just a quickie that I’m kind of late posting.  Last weekend we were invited to a party at the home of one of Jim’s coworkers.  Every year he does a theme and this year was Mexico.  I had absolutely no idea how to dress, but we were right on target.  Whew, thank you Party City!

Before we left, I insisted we take a couple snaps.  You know, so can I blog them!

Poor Jim, he really was more enthusiastic than he looks here.

Of course I had to borrow his mustache!  It lost its sticky though.  Yes, I’m making duck face to keep it on.

Wooot!  Par-tay ovah here!

Yes, we’re dorks.  We own that and share it with you! 🙂


My kids. An attempt at a sibling session.

There is a park that I’ve heard about that I wanted to go check it out to see if I would be using it as a photo location.  So, I though what a perfect opportunity that would be to get some pics of the kids together.  Because the children of photographers always have a camera in their face are photographed often, they are not the most willing participants.  I had intentions of getting a few of the kids together and focus on getting some shots of Aidan alone.  I have so many more pics of Addie, and now I remember why.  Aidan just isn’t into it.  At all.  So, I did get a couple that I love of the two together, and a few of Addie alone, but only a couple of solo shots of Aidan.

I love the way she’s looking at him here.  I know this will probably change in a couple years, but she just loves her brother so much.

I know it wasn’t my intent to get these, but I just love this set from Addie.

And the couple I did manage to get from Aidan.  I wish I could’ve gotten more.

And one last one of them together…

Addie’s 3rd Birthday Bash

Of course we had a little party in celebration of Addie turning three.  The weather wasn’t at it’s best, so we spent most of our time inside.  We still had a great time.  The kids were all so great!

Aidan and Victor played with the Wii in my room for a bit.

My adorable nephew Elliot

Logan LOOOVED the piano!  I think he totally looks like Schroeder from The Peanuts.

Oliver munches on a (toy) banana

Taking a juice box break!

Pinata time!

My friend Rachel’s husband, Vic in action with his FABULOUS new camera..not to mention very cool shoes. 😉

She seemed a little indifferent while we sang Happy Birthday

Her first attempt at blowing out the candles

But that didn’t work, so Jim gave her a little assistance

(I have to add that I just love this pic!!!)

Jim doling out the cake

See food?  LOL!  Eating cake…

What happens when you hand the camera to the husband. 😉  But hey, proof that I was there!

I couldn’t possibly be more of a dork

Hanging with her grampa after the party started to wind down.

So I think the party was quite the success!  Addie had so much fun as did all the kids.  Wow, three years old!  I’m constantly amazed by how fast these kids are growing up.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Addie Joy

Wow, it’s crazy to think that Addie is now 3 years old!  How does time pass so fast?  It seems like only yesterday that she was a sweet little newborn.  Now she’s a vivacious, funny, smart, and sweet little girl.

Earlier this month I took Addie out to Metro Beach for her third birthday portraits.  I’ve already shared these on Facebook, so they’re not too new, but I figured it’s the perfect time to share them here.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!!

This is something I’ll never get used to…

Fish flies.  I know I’ve mentioned them before, probably numerous times.  I despise these creatures.  We’ve lived on this side of town and near Lake St Clair for going on eight years now.  Up until we’ve lived in our current house, I’ve found them to be a nuisance but was able to deal with them. We didn’t get too many around the houses we’ve lived in, but they were always all over anything with lights.  So going to the gas station or the drive through ATM was always an adventure. Now that we live down the street from the lake, I see how bad it really is. Millions of them, and they’ll land on everything they can…including people. Most locals usually laugh and joke about them being the area’s mascot and go about their business.  I must be a sight squealing and running from my car to the house.

Just to give you an idea of what I see when I look out the window…

They aren’t small either.  That dark thing is my finger to show their size.

What my car looks like right now…

Closer up…

Ack!  The locals say that they are a sign that the lake is healthy.  I don’t know, I think they’re crazy! I’ll never get used to living among them.

I ♥ NY

The state that is. A couple of weeks ago we all loaded up for a road trip to meet up with Jim’s parents near Ithaca NY. The drive was looong…especially because Jim and I thought it would be brilliant to leave really early after staying up late. We thought the kids would sleep most of the way, making the drive more pleasant. While they did sleep some, it was nowhere near what we were hoping for. But I have to say, the drive there is beautiful. Pretty much as soon as you enter the state of NY, it becomes mountainous. Actually, I’m not sure if they’re mountains, or foothills or what. Here in Southeast Michigan, it is painfully boring flat landscapes. So to me they look like mountains. Hopefully someone from NY can school me on the landscape.

Once we got to our destination, we were pleasantly pleased with the cabin. Actually, I’ll call it a house, since it was pretty close in size to my own house. Bright, sunny, all the comforts of home! I’m so not a “roughing it” kind of girl. This is what a vacation home should be (as opposed to a cabin we’ve stayed at in the past). The grounds were awesome too! I think there were 6 ponds, and the cabin had views of 3 of them. Hilly, wildlife, awesome. And of course, catching up with Jim’s parents was great. We haven’t seen them in several years, and the kids took to them like they just saw them last week.

The first morning we were there, it was really foggy out. That was my cue to bust out the camera and walk around the property.
Then I ran into Jim and Aidan fishing at one of the ponds.

We spent that whole day just taking things easy and relaxing.  The next day Jim and I got to get out and check out a couple of the Fingerlakes Wineries near Ithaca.  First, let me say that Ithaca is a cool town. Beautiful, clean, friendly.  While there, we also found the awesomeness of Wegmans.  I was expecting an average grocery store, but was instead greeted by the big beautiful produce department, and the awesome people working the cheese counter.  For my Michigan friends, it’s like Nino Salvaggio’s but huge (I’ve not been in the giant Nino’s on Hall Rd at Partridge Creek, but I imagine that this store is fairly similar). LOVE this store!  But, enough about grocery stores, on to the wineries!  We only visited three, but we had a BLAST!  The wine here is surprisingly good.  In general, they are a bit sweeter, but very yummy.  Looking back, I wish I lugged my camera around with me more.  I decided not to bring it in with me mostly because I didn’t want to look like a dork.  Haha! But also because I wanted to enjoy our very rare alone time together.  This is the one pic I took from the parking lot of Sheldrake Pointe Winery.  This one was right on Lake Cayuga  with a beautiful view.  Also, the food here is TO. DIE. FOR.  Soo good!  I had a salmon burger with the most delicious Cesar Salad I’ve ever had.  If you are ever in this area, I highly recommend both the wine and the food here.

Another cool thing about this area is waterfalls.  While driving, I saw a couple of them.  I begged Jim to pull over and let me get a pic of one of them.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Ithaca, you have a new fan!

Speaking of gorgeous, while hiking around the cabin property, there was this overlook up on the hill.  It looked over the property and the hills (mountains?) in the distance.  The sun was starting to set as I got these pics.

And this was my awesome hiking partner.  :o)

Doesn’t he look so grown up?  When did that happen?

We had such a great time on this little vacay.  We didn’t want our time here to end, but we certainly plan on coming back!

Thanks to Mom and Dad Hosking for getting us out this way.  It was awesome seeing you again.  We need to do it more often!

Mothers Day

Mothers day was pretty uneventful, but that’s OK, that’s the way I like it!  I got to relax a bit and go to the gym.  Later we went out to eat, where I totally pigged out on a raunchy and delicious burger from Red Robin.

After we got home and Jim had left for work, I thought the best gift would be a new picture of me and the kids.  I knew I was running out of light, and our outfits weren’t very well-coordinated, but I didn’t care.  So I got out the tripod and remote and quickly snapped a few frames.

So here it is, the latest photo of me and the kids.  Nothing overly special and not technically great, but I love it!

And just because I like the B&W version just as much..

Just Aidan

As I’ve been posting all of these pics of the kids, I realized that I have so many more pics of Addie than Aidan.  I honestly don’t know why!  Aidan is one truely awesome kid.  He’s funny, smart, and a geniunely all out great kid. So, although I don’t have a bunch of pics in this post, I wanted to still make it an Aidan love fest.

Aidan loves Legos.  His teachers were always telling me how good he is with them.  He has a good collection of them here at home too.  After Nintendo and Ninja’s, they’re his favorite thing.

He also got to take a basic baseball class.  He got to learn how to hit the ball, throw and run bases.  He had a lot of fun and will be on a team later this summer.

So, this is typical

You know, you walk into a room and your kids are just being silly.  I don’t know what they were doing, but climbing on top of each other is nothing unusual.  I happened to have my camera nearby when I walked into them doing this.  Silly kids!

I should count my blessings that they get along quite well.  It’s just never a dull moment!

Easter egg time!

The kids had a ball with the eggs this year!  I some snaps of them coloring them.

Aidan going for his first color

Addie went for the purple

Having fun!


Addie too!

A sampling of the finished product