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Because I haven’t shared anything in a while…

Here’s one I took of my kids a month or so ago.  I just recently edited it and kinda love it….


Aidan’s SIXTH Birthday party

Oh, I know, I’m SUCH a bad mom!  I’ve had these pics done and everything since his birthday, and I’m just now posting them.  November and December (and October too!) have just been crazy busy and I honestly am having a hard time keeping my head straight.  So, my apologies to my awesome boy, but better late than never!

As you many know, my sweet little boy has grown into a pretty amazing big boy.  I don’t know how it happened, but there is pretty much no trace of little boy left in him.  He has grown (physically and emotionally!) so much this year, probably more so than any other year if you don’t count babyhood.  He’s FUNNY!  He’s sweet, he’s smart, he’s eager to learn.  He LOVES school.  He has so many friends now and it makes him so happy.  He’s creative!  In the past few months, he went from absolutely no interest in drawing/art, to really loving it.  I know I’m his mom, but dare I say that I see a talent? ♥  I’m so proud of him, and love him so much.  He brings me so much joy.  Happy (belated) Sixth Birthday to one incredibly awesome kid.

So, now on to the fun stuff!  Aidan wanted to have his party at a bowling alley this year.  We let him invite a few school friends and we had a blast!

As you can see, he had the time of his life!  So glad that we could give him such an awesome day!

LJ+ Noah+Olivia=One CUTE family!

Last week I did my last outdoor session of the season.  We met up at a local outdoor mall in hopes that it would be a little warmer than a park.  I’m not sure if it was much warmer, but I do think it was a nice place to do a session before the holidays!  I got to photograph a couple of cute brothers and their adorable cousin that you may recognize from Here!

Well, I think good looks certainly run in this family!  These boys were CUTE and so much fun!

This is Noah.  He wasn’t a huge fan of the camera, but the camera sure loves him!

I mean really, cuteness just exudes from him!

And his big brother LJ is equally cute, super fun and a GREAT kid!  It’s so not fair when boys get eyelashes like these!

And he was SO sweet with his baby cousin!

And speaking of his cousin, I think this shot of Olivia is one of my all time favorites to date.  It’s PERFECT for the holidays!

Thanks for patiently waiting for your sneak peek, Erin and Sarah!  I’ll be finishing up shortly!

Nico+Mikael+Talia=Some darn good looking kids!

I got to meet up with an old Casino friend and her stunning kids the other day!  To say these kids rock would be an understatement. They were gorgeous, loved the camera, and didn’t even mind when I had them posing very close to each other.  Not to mention we had to endure some CRAZY 30 mph wind gusts!  Thank you so much guys!

First meet Nico.  He’s the oldest of the bunch. Didn’t I tell you he was a good-looking kid?

And this is his STUNNING younger sister Mikael.

And last but certainly not least is miss Natalia.  Have I said that I love this girl yet?  Because I do!

I have to say that I adore the next two shots of the kids together. Ambre, I’m going to kidnap you kids and take pics of them all the time.  I’m not kidding!

Ava + Ethan=FUN

The other day I got the opportunity to meet Ava and Ethan, the kids of an old coworker of mine!  It’s funny because it turns out that we only live a few miles from apart, but we somehow haven’t run in to each other while around town.  These two certainly were an energetic pair!

Here’s Ava!

And her little brother Ethan! He sure has some nice eyes!

These two LOVE to have fun!

Watch out!  This girl ♥’s VAMPIRES!  In case you’re wondering, she’s all about for Team Jacob. 😉


The other day I got to meet the cutest pair of cousins!  Brielle and Cayden were such a fun pair!  I was super excited to do this session because this was the same place I had my own wedding photos taken over 7 years ago!  So, I knew this was going to be an awesome location to shoot at.  These kids didn’t disappoint either!  They were as cute as can be and both of them reminded me of my own little rascals.

The absolutely ADORABLE Brielle

This kid has the BEST smile!  This is exactly why six year olds ROCK!

Then we headed to the other side of the island where the light was just gorgeous!!!!  I think I’m a little in love with this shot.

And we had some fun with apples!

How pretty is the water with the changing leaves?  Of course Mr Cayden is one handsome little guy!

My Awesome Nephews

Last week I was able to squeeze in a little session of my nephews for my sister. These little guys are quite the handful, but oh so cute! We decided to check out a place that I’ve been meaning to go to since I’ve lived on this side of town. The Edsel Ford House, which is absolutely GORGEOUS! We didn’t even go inside, but spent some time on the grounds just looking around! We had to be quick because the sky was very ominous! In fact we just missed the rain that hit my house which was only a couple of miles away!

Here’s Elliot! I just LOVE his red hair and green eyes!

And his little brother Oliver, who is mighty cute himself!

Here they are, the gruesome twosome!

Can he get any cuter than this?

Oliver is pretty darn cute too!

The rose garden is just amazing! I bet it’s stunning in the spring.

And the ivy covered walls are awesome!

I love those guys! So fun!

A meeting a long time in the making

I was so excited for this session!  I finally got to meet a friend that I met online more than three years ago. Amy and I are members of a private message board that started out as a spinoff of a parenting board.  The board is more about friendships and sharing our lives (and we still occasionally ask questions about our children).  Amy and I were pregnant and due around the same time when we “met”.  That seems so long ago!!!!  I can’t believe it took us so long to actually meet each other face to face!  It was such a pleasure and her family is awesome!  I immediately fell in love with Noah(who is my Addie’s age).  He is just the absolute SWEETEST boy I’ve ever met. Then there is Alex who is a little bundle of energy with the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen!

So without further a doo…

The boy who stole my heart.  What a GREAT smile he has!

And this little guy is so fun!  What did I tell you about his eyes?

I couldn’t resist the morning light poking through the trees…

And of course, the whole clan together!

So fun!!!!  Amy and I vowed that next time we get together, we will be relaxing somewhere sipping on wine.  Yes, I can’t wait!  Thanks for choosing me to take your family photos!  It was a pleasure to meet you and your family!

My kids. An attempt at a sibling session.

There is a park that I’ve heard about that I wanted to go check it out to see if I would be using it as a photo location.  So, I though what a perfect opportunity that would be to get some pics of the kids together.  Because the children of photographers always have a camera in their face are photographed often, they are not the most willing participants.  I had intentions of getting a few of the kids together and focus on getting some shots of Aidan alone.  I have so many more pics of Addie, and now I remember why.  Aidan just isn’t into it.  At all.  So, I did get a couple that I love of the two together, and a few of Addie alone, but only a couple of solo shots of Aidan.

I love the way she’s looking at him here.  I know this will probably change in a couple years, but she just loves her brother so much.

I know it wasn’t my intent to get these, but I just love this set from Addie.

And the couple I did manage to get from Aidan.  I wish I could’ve gotten more.

And one last one of them together…

Addie’s 3rd Birthday Bash

Of course we had a little party in celebration of Addie turning three.  The weather wasn’t at it’s best, so we spent most of our time inside.  We still had a great time.  The kids were all so great!

Aidan and Victor played with the Wii in my room for a bit.

My adorable nephew Elliot

Logan LOOOVED the piano!  I think he totally looks like Schroeder from The Peanuts.

Oliver munches on a (toy) banana

Taking a juice box break!

Pinata time!

My friend Rachel’s husband, Vic in action with his FABULOUS new camera..not to mention very cool shoes. 😉

She seemed a little indifferent while we sang Happy Birthday

Her first attempt at blowing out the candles

But that didn’t work, so Jim gave her a little assistance

(I have to add that I just love this pic!!!)

Jim doling out the cake

See food?  LOL!  Eating cake…

What happens when you hand the camera to the husband. 😉  But hey, proof that I was there!

I couldn’t possibly be more of a dork

Hanging with her grampa after the party started to wind down.

So I think the party was quite the success!  Addie had so much fun as did all the kids.  Wow, three years old!  I’m constantly amazed by how fast these kids are growing up.