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A few from a birthday party…

My BFF Rachel’s little boy turned three this weekend!  She just had a small family party for him, and it was lots of fun!

Here are Logan and Addie playing in the sandbox

See how nice they are playing?

I sat down and then a few minutes later here comes a sad Logan.  He got some sand in his mouth.  I’ve come to the conclusion that Addie had something to do with this.  When she saw this photo, she asked if I was mad at her.  I can’t get her to go into any detail, but you better believe she’ll be apologizing to him next time we see him!

Fortunately, he wasn’t sad for long!  Who can be sad when there are presents to open!

Big brother Victor helps out too!

Here we have Rachel modeling one of Logan’s gifts.  You’ll notice that it’s a Cowboy and Indian toy.  Look closer and you see that the Indian is going to shoot the cowboy with his big gun!  Sorry, a little politically incorrect humor I suppose? I’m actually surprised stores still sell toys like this.

So a BIG Happy Birthday goes out to Logan! We had lots of fun!


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