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My kids. An attempt at a sibling session.

There is a park that I’ve heard about that I wanted to go check it out to see if I would be using it as a photo location.  So, I though what a perfect opportunity that would be to get some pics of the kids together.  Because the children of photographers always have a camera in their face are photographed often, they are not the most willing participants.  I had intentions of getting a few of the kids together and focus on getting some shots of Aidan alone.  I have so many more pics of Addie, and now I remember why.  Aidan just isn’t into it.  At all.  So, I did get a couple that I love of the two together, and a few of Addie alone, but only a couple of solo shots of Aidan.

I love the way she’s looking at him here.  I know this will probably change in a couple years, but she just loves her brother so much.

I know it wasn’t my intent to get these, but I just love this set from Addie.

And the couple I did manage to get from Aidan.  I wish I could’ve gotten more.

And one last one of them together…


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