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Addie’s 3rd Birthday Bash

Of course we had a little party in celebration of Addie turning three.  The weather wasn’t at it’s best, so we spent most of our time inside.  We still had a great time.  The kids were all so great!

Aidan and Victor played with the Wii in my room for a bit.

My adorable nephew Elliot

Logan LOOOVED the piano!  I think he totally looks like Schroeder from The Peanuts.

Oliver munches on a (toy) banana

Taking a juice box break!

Pinata time!

My friend Rachel’s husband, Vic in action with his FABULOUS new camera..not to mention very cool shoes. 😉

She seemed a little indifferent while we sang Happy Birthday

Her first attempt at blowing out the candles

But that didn’t work, so Jim gave her a little assistance

(I have to add that I just love this pic!!!)

Jim doling out the cake

See food?  LOL!  Eating cake…

What happens when you hand the camera to the husband. 😉  But hey, proof that I was there!

I couldn’t possibly be more of a dork

Hanging with her grampa after the party started to wind down.

So I think the party was quite the success!  Addie had so much fun as did all the kids.  Wow, three years old!  I’m constantly amazed by how fast these kids are growing up.


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