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Baby Chase and Fish Flies

Oh my gosh, I was so excited about doing this shoot that I totally forgot about the notorious fish fly season.  I believe that most people refer to these pesky bugs as May Flies, but here in Detroit we call them Fish Flies.  Around mid June every summer, these pesky flies emerge from Lake St Clair and land (in mass quantities) on anything they can land on.  Millions upon millions of them.  The closer to the lake you are, the more there are. Of course,  we had planned on shooting at Metro Beach Metro Park, which as the name implies is right on the beach. It was quite the adventure!

So, I met up with Jenny Akers and family (whose newborn and maternity photos you can see HERE. and HERE.) , we had quite the adventure just getting to the beach.  You have no idea of how grossed out I am by those vile flies. There were millions of them hiding in the grass and landing all over you as you walked through.  I may or may not have screamed like a baby as we walked through. Once we made it through to dry sand, things weren’t too bad.

Now can you believe this little guy is now SIX MONTHS OLD?  Wow, does time fly!

You have no idea how much I love cute little baby feet!

I absolutely ADORE these of Jenny playing with Chase.  Could a mom be any more beautiful?

Doesn’t he look JUST like his dad?

I might sound weird, but I just love the string of drool here.  That’s what babies his age do and I think it’s perfect.


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  1. What a gorgeous session! Love LOVE the beach, and they are a beautiful family! Can’t even tell there are fish flies! 😉

    June 16, 2010 at 9:31 pm

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