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I ♥ NY

The state that is. A couple of weeks ago we all loaded up for a road trip to meet up with Jim’s parents near Ithaca NY. The drive was looong…especially because Jim and I thought it would be brilliant to leave really early after staying up late. We thought the kids would sleep most of the way, making the drive more pleasant. While they did sleep some, it was nowhere near what we were hoping for. But I have to say, the drive there is beautiful. Pretty much as soon as you enter the state of NY, it becomes mountainous. Actually, I’m not sure if they’re mountains, or foothills or what. Here in Southeast Michigan, it is painfully boring flat landscapes. So to me they look like mountains. Hopefully someone from NY can school me on the landscape.

Once we got to our destination, we were pleasantly pleased with the cabin. Actually, I’ll call it a house, since it was pretty close in size to my own house. Bright, sunny, all the comforts of home! I’m so not a “roughing it” kind of girl. This is what a vacation home should be (as opposed to a cabin we’ve stayed at in the past). The grounds were awesome too! I think there were 6 ponds, and the cabin had views of 3 of them. Hilly, wildlife, awesome. And of course, catching up with Jim’s parents was great. We haven’t seen them in several years, and the kids took to them like they just saw them last week.

The first morning we were there, it was really foggy out. That was my cue to bust out the camera and walk around the property.
Then I ran into Jim and Aidan fishing at one of the ponds.

We spent that whole day just taking things easy and relaxing.  The next day Jim and I got to get out and check out a couple of the Fingerlakes Wineries near Ithaca.  First, let me say that Ithaca is a cool town. Beautiful, clean, friendly.  While there, we also found the awesomeness of Wegmans.  I was expecting an average grocery store, but was instead greeted by the big beautiful produce department, and the awesome people working the cheese counter.  For my Michigan friends, it’s like Nino Salvaggio’s but huge (I’ve not been in the giant Nino’s on Hall Rd at Partridge Creek, but I imagine that this store is fairly similar). LOVE this store!  But, enough about grocery stores, on to the wineries!  We only visited three, but we had a BLAST!  The wine here is surprisingly good.  In general, they are a bit sweeter, but very yummy.  Looking back, I wish I lugged my camera around with me more.  I decided not to bring it in with me mostly because I didn’t want to look like a dork.  Haha! But also because I wanted to enjoy our very rare alone time together.  This is the one pic I took from the parking lot of Sheldrake Pointe Winery.  This one was right on Lake Cayuga  with a beautiful view.  Also, the food here is TO. DIE. FOR.  Soo good!  I had a salmon burger with the most delicious Cesar Salad I’ve ever had.  If you are ever in this area, I highly recommend both the wine and the food here.

Another cool thing about this area is waterfalls.  While driving, I saw a couple of them.  I begged Jim to pull over and let me get a pic of one of them.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Ithaca, you have a new fan!

Speaking of gorgeous, while hiking around the cabin property, there was this overlook up on the hill.  It looked over the property and the hills (mountains?) in the distance.  The sun was starting to set as I got these pics.

And this was my awesome hiking partner.  :o)

Doesn’t he look so grown up?  When did that happen?

We had such a great time on this little vacay.  We didn’t want our time here to end, but we certainly plan on coming back!

Thanks to Mom and Dad Hosking for getting us out this way.  It was awesome seeing you again.  We need to do it more often!


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