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Addie get’s her her big girl bed!

OK, so as promised, I’m backtracking on some pics/events from this past winter.

After the New Year, we decided it was time for Addie to transition from her crib to a real bed.  Of course we also had to paint and make her room pretty.  We hadn’t touched her room after moving in since we knew it wouldn’t be long until we she would graduate to a bed.  So, we painted her room the prettiest aqua. I believe the color was Behr’s Aqua Pura and Spa (believe it or not the walls are two colors, but the difference is very subtle).  I have also been channeling my inner Martha and have done a couple of little decorating projects that I will share soon.

So here she just after getting her bed together and made up.

Doesn’t she just look tiny in her big bed?

She was very proud of her bed and loves her room. Heck, I love her room! I still have a couple little projects to finish and I’ll post more pics of the finished room soon!


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