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Kitchen:Before and After

I’ve been a bit busy this week working on a project that I’ve been wanting to get to for a while now. When we first bought our house (It will be a year of living here next week!), I really liked the red walls that were in the living room and kitchen. The thing about red though is that one can tire of that color pretty quickly. I believe we painted the living room a few months after moving in and now I have finally painted the kitchen.

I don’t have a great pic for the before. I thought I had a pic I had taken when we first moved in and that is why I didn’t take a “before” shot. Luckily I was able to grab a screen shot from our house listing’s virtual tour. It actually didn’t look much different than this before I started painting! The sellers had left us the table and the the pictures on the wall when they moved.

So, as close to” before” as I can get….

And here is what I did!

The green is “Stem Green” by Benjamin Moore and the gray is “Edgecomb Gray”, also Ben Moore. There was a little drama with the paint because both colors were lighter than they appeared on the swatch. The green is actually very close, but the gray either looks almost exact or very different depending on the light it’s being viewed in. After agonizing over it, I decided to keep it….at least for now. My lesson learned is to try out the sample paints that they now sell! Lighting makes ALL the difference! Even on the paint swatches!

So, aside from the paint, I also recovered the fabric on the chairs. This fabric was my whole inspiration for the room. I LOVE it! The stainless frames were bought at Target several years ago. The prints inside are pics of grass that I had taken last summer. I love they way they look in the frames and against the green wall! I also bought a new and rather large scale Thomas O’Brien clock on clearance at Target to fit on the small wall by the basement stairs.

This pic shows off the fabric better. I wasn’t quite done with the chairs when I took the pictures (that is why there are only three chairs at the table), but wanted to take pics while the light was good.

This shows off the gray and the new clock a little more. I still want to replace the brass door knob for a stainless knob on the basement door.

This is the actual kitchen area. The change isn’t very dramatic here since there isn’t much wall. Just the area above the cabinets. And yes, my kitchen really is as tiny as it appears! LOL! Someday, I would love to get stainless appliances. That is probably a long way down the road though!

It feels good to have another room under my belt! I love how much brighter and airier it feels now! My next blog entry will most likely be from my next project, which is Addie’s big girl room. I can’t believe we’re about to get rid of the crib!!!!!


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  1. I thought I already replied; but I gotta say… I love what you did! It looks so bright and happy. 🙂

    February 25, 2010 at 4:41 pm

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