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Christmas 2009

So another Christmas has come and gone. I think it’s safe to say that the kids had a GREAT one! My house now looks like a toy store exploded and keeping the toys contained has become a never ending battle. It’s so worth it though. Aidan told me numerous times that he had the “best Christmas ever”, and that makes all the craziness go away and spreads love across my heart.

So, here are some total snapshots from our holiday. Nothing fancy. It’s very hard to take pictures of kids in a room that is dark and about 12 feet wide!

We celebrate Christmas Eve by having dinner and then the kids open the presents that their Grandma and Grampa Hosking send them and the presents from us.

Aidan was VERY excited to get this Imaginext castle.
Believe it or not, Addie was excited about new clothes!
Aidan wasn’t as excited about his new pajamas.
Addie loved her new books.
He’s such a goofball!

Then we open presents from SANTA on Christmas morning…
Addie LOVES her new baby crib. LOVES IT! She’s feeding one of her new dolls while wearing her Dora Backpack.
Aidan loved everything.
We also went to my parents house where they got even MORE!!!! The kids had such a great day. So much fun and so much to keep them busy!
Here was Addie earlier today playing with her Kai Lan doll.
And Aidan, as I often see him…

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and wishing you a fabulous New Year!!!


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  1. Such fun shots, Jen! It looks like they had a really awesome Christmas. I hope you had a good one as well. Merry Christmas!!!!!

    December 28, 2009 at 12:58 am

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