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Five Years

First off I want to apologize to family members for not posting many pics of my kids lately. Things have been so crazy busy, especially these last 6 weeks that I can barely keep my head straight. I promise to catch up with some back photos soon! To make up for that I’m about to get real sappy. haha!

Five years ago I became a parent. My sweet Aidan made his way into the world via C-section on a cold November day. When I arrived at the hospital, I remember feeling excited, scared, happy, unsure and a bit overwhelmed by what was going to happen when they wheeled me into the OR. Well, I’ve been through those feelings and more over the years.

I don’t know what it is about your child turning five. It’s definitely a bittersweet milestone. It seems just like yesterday that I was holding a little baby in my arms. Then he started crawling, then taking steps, then talking. Was it really that that long ago? And more importantly, how am I old enough to have a child this age? :WINK:

Now I look at him and am so proud of the boy he’s becoming. He’s long since been a baby or toddler. Gone is the Preschooler, he’s a kid. A KID! The thought just baffles my mind. He’s such a great boy too. So loving and sweet. So smart and funny. My heart swells when I think of him and I love him with every breath I take.

OK, enough with the sappy thoughts. Here is a little slideshow of the last five years I put together. Mind you, most of these are from the old point and shoot camera days, a couple studio pics, and a few fumbles as I learn photography. I laugh and smile looking through them, because no matter what, he’s my boy. ♥

Happy 5th Birthday Aidan!!!!


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  1. Very touching. I'll savor these moments with Fiona because everyone says how fast they grow up. Happy Birthday Aidan!

    November 23, 2009 at 8:18 pm

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