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The princess and the piggy

Addie is one funny girl. She’s so very girly but so messy at the same time! For her birthday, her Aunt Kim and Uncle Matt got her this adorable dress up outfit. She just loved being a princess. That is until she looked up at me with wide eyes and told me she wanted to “fly in the sky”. Poor girl, I think I devastated her once I told her that although she had on wings, she couldn’t really fly. :o( She promptly told me to take the dress off.

Here she is BEFORE the flying request.
DSC_0208 web version

On the flip side, the girl is so darn messy when she eats! I literally have to strip her down so she doesn’t destroy her clothes. I even have to make sure her hair is pulled back, because it often ends up caked if I don’t. Food ends up all over her face, hands, body, sometimes the booster chair and floor. Aidan was no where near this messy and stopped wearing a bib long before he was two. This girl would much rather eat with her hands….especially if it’s food like pudding, yogurt or apple sauce. This shot doesn’t do the true mess justis. The washcloth I used to clean her up was covered!
Little piggy


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