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Ugh, I’m trying to figure out what to do with my blog and am temporarily in chaos mode. I want to give my blog a bit of a face lift, but I’m not very technical. I don’t understand a lot about computers. Just the basics that get me by. One of the main things I want is for my pics to show up bigger. I thought I figured out how to do it, but my landscape oriented photo’s got cut in half. So, for now I switched to this very basic Blogger template, since it allows my bigger pics to be shown. I hate it though. It looks so blah and unprofessional. Another item on my blog wish list is for me to allow categories. This way if I refer someone to my blog for session work, they can find it among my personal posts. My friend Kelly from Blissful Chaos and Kelly Gorney Photography
pointed me in the direction of a template that I can install that I think will fill my requirements. She used it on her photography blog and it looks fab! The problem is that I’m clueless on installation! And with these two kids, I never have a few hours to set aside to figure it out. So, if I want to do it, then I’ll have to have a night that I can stay up until the wee hours.

My next problem. Should I keep my photography and family blogs together or separate them? The are pros and cons to doing it each way. The biggest con will be having to keep up with two blogs. I struggle at times with keeping this one fresh. So, two may be over my head. Then again, I won’t have to worry about posting more snapshot type pics on a family blog. I won’t have to worry about potential “clients” (can I say client’s since I’m not close to being in biz?)seeing snapshots and think that’s a representation of my work. Ugh, anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts. Family, do you mind seeing my session work? Speak up, come out of hiding! I need your opinions! Haha!


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