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A little neighborhood shoot

So, I took the kids on a little “shoot” around the neighborhood. NOT EASY!!!! Normally when we take walks around the neighborhood, I note little pockets that I that I think will be good locations. Unfortunately, these are all near the road and it’s crazy hard to watch both kids, especially Addie while I’m shooting Aidan. So, I was very rushed during most of these and the kids weren’t feeling it.

First, there is this cool red building that I think is and apartment. There are two cool doors in the front, but unfortunately they face east, and we were out in the evening…. or the sun was on the other side.

But I got these and I think they’re fun.

One way to know you kids hate when you take them on photo shoots? Subtle signs…or more specifically finger signs. Think Aidan was saying something here? Hahaha! I still like it though.

Then I got this one of Aidan. This makes me swoon. As many goofy faces and unusable pics I get of him…then I get one of these. ♥

As much as I love that, I love it in B&W even more.

Then we walked back down to this tiny park at the end of our road. I don’t know why they call it a park, it’s more a overlook to the lake. There are a couple benches and some sporadically placed flowers. It’s a nice little place!

Here they are, checking out the lake. Aidan was actually looking for dead fish. Silly boy.

Then I got this one of Addie. Same place, but somehow the angle I got this at made this itty bitty teeeny tiny park look like a beautiful field. And oh yeah, this light! So pretty!
10x20 storyboard_web


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