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My Addie Joy turns two…

She’s no longer a baby. *sniff sniff*. For some reason her turning two is hitting me hard. She’s getting to be such a big girl and is loaded with personality! It’s weird to think of her turning two. We announced our pregnancy with her on Aidan’s second birthday, and I guess the realization hits that we’re “done”. That’s OK though, because I would seriously need to be committed if I had to announce another sibling, so I’ll cherish these moments.

In honor of her turning two, she got to have a fun Birthday party in our new backyard! With the finances being a little tight, we had to keep it simple. I did make these fun Ladybug Cupcakes! Aren’t they fun? Chocolate chips were used for the dots, Mini Oreo’s for the head and licorice for the antennae. The best part was that it was easy. A cake decorator I am not!

Here’s the birthday girl running around the backyard. She had a few wardrobe changes.

Aidan and Addie taking time to entertain their new cousin Oliver…

He’s such a goofy boy. I love him! ♥

But he’s quite handsome!

As we were singing “Happy Birthday”. It was too windy to keep the candles lit!

Licking frosting off the candles.

Now, if you ever wonder where Aidan gets his goofyness, here is evidence that it’s not from me….

Opening presents….
Aidan isn’t crying, but it does look like it here. He must have had something in his eye.

Still opening…

Grampa Wilkins opening Addie’s newest favorite baby. She’s so excited!

She seriously loves this doll. Thank you Nate, Lyndsy, and Lennon! It was a HUGE hit!

My friend Lisa’s youngest boy, Ethan….

Ethan, Sethe, and Aidan…

The elusive Elliot who is SO hard to photograph! This boy will give any photographer a run for the money!

I think the party was a success! We all had a lot of fun and the weather was perfect! Happy Birthday to my Addison. My sweet little baby is becoming a girl!


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