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The Cummings Family Maternity photo shoot

Yay, my first ever sneak peek! This is my little sister Kim (38 weeks pregnant), with her husband Matt, and their little boy, Elliot. I got to shoot my first skill building session with them a few days ago at Heritage Park in Taylor. I love this park. It has so many cool places to shoot. It’s also where they got married! I wish it were closer to my home! I would shoot there All. The. Time!

Here are Kim and Matt on the front porch of the chapel they were married in.
I thought this was fun!Mr Elliot is a bundle of energy. He wanted nothing to with pictures. He wanted to RUN and PLAY! Needless to say, this is how it went when I was trying to shoot him. I did get super lucky and got this shot. I LOVE it! I hope Kim and Matt love it as much as I do!I love this one. The girl is all belly!Another favorite of mine. So sweet! Matt is an awesome dad.This was great Kim! I really had fun and learned a lot! I can’t wait to meet Oliver and do his newborn shoot! Not much longer!


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