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Warm weather means time to practice

Now that we’ve been having some nice weather, I’ve gotten the itch to really get back and commit to bettering myself in photography. I’m also trying to really get to know my camera. I have a little maternity session with my pregnant sister and family coming up very soon.

These are a few I took yesterday…
Just some of Aidan playing in the backyard.

I even practiced on the cat! I’ve had this cat forever, and don’t think I’ve taken pics of him in YEARS! That’s mainly because he hides from the kids all day. Hey, at least he gives me eye contact! Haha!
And miss Addie has become very uncooperative around the camera. She refuses to look at me if it’s up to my face. So, I snuck a couple while she was on my bed watching cartoons. Wow Wow Wubbzy to be exact, it’s her favorite.

I’m so glad I did. Because I got this shot. I just love everything about it. I never print out pictures I take, and I might get this one in a pretty good size. She just looks so lovely, and grown up, and the light was perfect.


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