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"Formal" living room Before and After

When we first moved in, I liked the red accent wall that the sellers had. I thought it was perfect since we already had a red couch and accessories. Heck, red is probably my favorite color! However once we moved in and got our furniture in, I just wasn’t digging it. The room was just too dark and heavy. So, I was thinking of a color to brighten it up, that worked with my red couch. A little light bulb went off in my head and I thought gray, if done right, would give me just the look I was going for. I was surprised that it didn’t take anything to sway Jim, who was also not feeling what we refer to as the “peanut butter” colored walls and the red wall. YAY!

So, I set out and after looking at probably 50 different gray color swatches, I chose Benjamin Moore’s “Stonington Gray”. It’s such a great color name, because it makes me think of Jim’s parents….they live near Stonington, CT!
So, here is the big “before” pic. Red accent wall on the left, “peanut butter” everywhere else…including the trim!

Here is a nice shot of the chairs against the red wall…

Now here is the after……with new WHITE trim!!!!!!

I moved the furniture around a little and found these awesome throw pillows that pick up the colors in the painting above the couch at Target. Also new curtains… well, sort of. New rod and sheers. I bought some new red grommet top panels, but they were too short. These were the red curtains we had in our last rental. I think they work just fine!

Before: couch against “peanut butter” wall…

After: Just a chair. OK, this wall needs some work. Maybe a new side table? Oh and looking at this pic makes me realize I need to lower that painting a little!

Before: View when you first walk in…

After: A whole new look!

I have to say, this is a big transformation! Lots of work too…I’m STILL (13 days later) working on painting the trim in the hallway! The realities of painting when you have young kids, I guess! There are still things I would like do to the room…or stuff to buy, I should say!

-New rug, this one was the sellers and I’m not a huge fan.

-New chairs (or better yet, all new furniture). These chairs are just some cheapies we got from Target a few years ago. If you were to get a closer look, you would see all the stains on them. They just look dingy!

-New throw pillows to brighten up the chairs in the meantime.

-Maybe a side table or small shelf for next to the lone chair. That little area needs some pizazz!

-New lamp, plus a floor lamp. I had that little leopard print lamp since college! Haha!

-Repaint the front door. Now that I painted the trim a nice bright white, it looks dingy

-Install crown mouldings.


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