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Since I’ve only been posting house pics lately…

It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t shared anything but house pics in a LONG time. True. I’ve been a bit caught up with working on things here and have been neglecting photography. Speaking of working on things….I just painted Aidan’s room and will be sharing pics after I hang stuff on his walls and take them. That is a “whole ‘nuther post’ though! In the mean time, here are some random pics I’ve take since we’ve lived here….

This is the first pic I got of Aidan after we moved in. I think I got a little over excited about the brighter light in the house because I think I may have overexposed his skin. It’s not looking quite right.
And here is silly miss Addie making a funny smile for me….
It’s me! I took this for a self portrait challenge on a board I belong to. I tried a different look to my processing. It’s good to experiment!

After my self portrait, Aidan actually ASKED me to take this pic! The pose was all him!

I love it even more in B&W…And just a cute pic I got of Addie being difficult while I was trying for a photo shoot. She’s getting much harder to photograph, which makes me sad. I’m hoping it’s only a phase.

And a close up shot I got of one of the roses Jim got for me on Valentines Day.


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