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Finally in our house!!!!

OK, so we’re in! It hasn’t been drama free, to say the least, but we’re here! We still haven’t closed yet, if you can believe that, but we should early next week….God willing! We love this home, we REALLY do. Jim and I are both so happy. We still don’t believe this is real. The kids really seem happy too, which of course makes us happy too. I guess there is a whole lot of happy in the Hosking house right now!
Here are the first pics that I’m sharing. I have some of the house pretty much empty, but I won’t bore you all with those…plus I’m just too lazy to upload them. Unpacking has been such a PROCESS! Ugh! I’m still emptying boxes and trying like heck to get it all organized. Today, I worked on Addie’s room….
Obviously, I have work to do. You can’t tell here, but the wall are kind of a mauvey pink and I plan to paint them a lighter airier pink. I haven’t decided If I want to keep the chair rail or not. If I do, I’ll paint it white. The curtains were the previous owners. I plan to change them too. The couple items hung on the wall are just temporary. Just borrowing a couple nails already in the wall.

This is Aidan’s room…

Excuse the boxes, I still have a few more to unpack. His room is also a little messy, but you get the idea. Jim and I actually really like the orange walls, but Aidan wants blue. It’s his favorite color. I’ll hopefully start painting his room soon! We also need to put his new twin bed together and buy a mattress. His cousin will get his toddler bed. Then just hang stuff on the walls!

And this is the family room….

The color is a little off, our couch/chair are actually a plum color. See the kids watching TV? Ha ha! I love the color of this room, so that won’t change. Just need to hang more up on the wall. So far we just have our new canvas from Ikea up.

I’ll get more pics up soon! Just need to get more boxes out of the way! Oh, and because I can’t resist here is my little Addie Joy eating some yogurt this morning. She’s so silly! I was just playing around with the camera. Having a house with light is so nice!


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