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Our Christmas

Welllll….it was an interesting Christmas. We all got the flu bug going around. Poor Jim came down with it on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morning Aidan had it. It was so sad to see him mustering up all he had to open the presents that he was so excited for the day before.

Here the kids are on Christmas Eve. We open presents from Jim and I, and from their Grandma and Grandpa Hosking. They had so much fun opening their presents! Oh, I know these snaps are not great at all. I just wanted to capture the day, so I used the on camera flash and just shot.

Addie LOVES clothes! It took a while to get her to open more presents because she was so excited over her cute new outfits!

Aidan helped her open her doll. I think he really dug it. This may be blackmail when he’s a teenager.

Aidan liked his clothes too! I don’t think he was really that excited, but he gave me a smile anyway!
I know for a fact he was excited to get this one. :o)
On Christmas Morning, my poor Aidan felt soooo bad. Look at my poor guy. This kid LOVES toys, he goes crazy for them. It was hard seeing him like this.

At least Addie had some fun.
She showing off her super cute new purse. What a big girl!Then we went to his other grandparents house. Aidan was feeling a bit better by this time. He’s opening presents with Grandma’s crazy dog, Gretchen.Addie just looked cute and that’s all I can say. She’s the cutest little girl there is!She LOVED her new trike! This thing is pretty cool. I can’t wait to take her out in it!Then a bit later her cousin, Elliot came by. I love this. They are finally starting to interact a bit more!

OK, that’s all I’ll share. Of course, I have tons more, but this is more than enough! Ha ha!


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