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Cristmas progam

Aidan had his first Christmas program for school today. It was just too cute! Preschoolers are just too funny! Aidan of course was his typical goofy self. He participated some, but he was mostly being a bit silly. Of course, I have photographic proof!
Just disclaimer. These are photographically bad! It was dark in the church, so I had to shoot at a very high ISO.

Here’s my boy. As you can see, he was highly enthused to perform on stage.

Just because his look is so priceless, here’s a zoom. Like I said quality is bad! I also love the expression of his buddy, Ayden.

Aidan and his buddy, Ayden were fooling around and being silly. I wish I was able to capture that on the camera because they were pretty funny. He’s definitely his father’s son!

This one is just priceless to me. I don’t know what was going on, but this is my interpretation….

The kids are all singing a song in the pews. Aidan looks like he’s about to whack his friend on the head, but gets stopped by Mrs D. He looks like he might be in some trouble! LOL!


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