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Aidan starts school

It’s official, he’s my big boy. Aidan had his first day of preschool yesterday! He did great!

We had a little drama in the morning. He was still tired since he’s normally a late riser. He’s like me, a total grump when tired! He didn’t want to wear the shirt we had originally picked out the night before. After a bit of drama, he finally decided on a sweatshirt from last year. It was a chilly day anyway, so we went with it. Once he was dressed and his daddy fixed his hair, he started getting excited. Since the drama put us a little behind, I only got these quick shots.
Doesn’t that backpack make him look so much older?!?
Drop off went very well. We just walked into his class room and he went off to find someone to play with. All I got was a quick “Goodbye Mommy!”. I guess that was good for me, since a drawn out goodbye would’ve surely made me cry!
I went home, put Addie down for a nap and next thing I knew, it was time to pick him up. I got a little emotional watching the little ones walk out one by one to be greeted by their parent(s). When Aidan came out, he greeted me with, “Hi, Mommy! I missed you!”. I got a little choked up, but didn’t shed a tear!
I had promised him we would go to McDonalds (or “Old McDonalds” as Aidan calls it) for lunch if he was a good boy at school. He was, so we had a little lunch date. I had to ask him every question under the sun to find out about his day. Through my questioning I learned….
-He played with Play-Doh, but they only had yellow
-At recess, he played on the pirate ship and it has two slides
-He didn’t sing
-He did pray
-He had Goldfish, milk, and a cupcake for snack time
-The kids are nice
-There aren’t blocks in his classroom (I actually think there are)
-He got dirty at recess and had to wash his hands
-He’s not the only Aidan (that’s new to him since he hasn’t actually met another Aidan yet)
So funny! I also think he has a little crush on one of his teachers. Last night he was playing with one of Addie’s toy phones, and was pretending to talk to Miss Dodge! He was telling her that he would see her tomorrow. How cute! Yup, I’m a proud Momma!

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