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Through Aidan’s eyes

The other day, I decided to let Aidan have my old point and shoot camera. It’s old and on it’s last legs anyway. It was an idea I’ve been toying with for a little while now, but wasn’t sure if he would even be interested. When I asked him if he would like it yesterday, he jumped up and down and got very excited. I showed him some basics….basically to frame up his image and snap the shutter. He surprised me! He loved picking his subject and shooting.

Here are a couple of my favorites that he took (and there are a lot)! I did very minimal editing on them since they are his images. I only cropped a few and sharpened/sized for the web.

Orange Ball. See the Goldfish cracker in the upper left corner? :o) Animal crackersThis is a pic of the TV during a Pop Tart commercial. LOL!This is my shadow! Here’s his tricycleThis is my favorite of the bunch. This is his neighbor friend, Patrick, peeking over the fence from his backyard.
I like this capture of Addie. I was letting her sip water out of my glass. But I think he was trying to bust her here. Little stinker getting into the cabinets as always.

This one while I was making dinner. The secrets out….this is what I look like when we don’t go anywhere. Nice hat!Here he managed to get a pic of someone I haven’t been able to in ages….his daddy! Poor guy got assaulted by the camera as soon as he woke up!
Not too bad for a first timer, huh? Jim and I were pretty impressed, considering he’s not even 4 yet! Now he keeps saying that he’s a photographer. Silly boy! :o)


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