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Our ever exciting Labor Day weekend

OK, so not really. Jim has been working tons of hours, and truthfully we may have seen him for a grand total of 5 hours all weekend. It’s something we’re getting used to. So, our weekend was pretty much like any other day. I did get the kids out and about on Sunday. We went to one of our local parks/beaches that we’ve never checked out before. The kids didn’t swim because the lake had tons of seaweed along the beach. Aidan actually tried, but kept saying that he was sinking in the muck and seaweed. That’s one thing I don’t like about this lake. It really isn’t suitable for swimming. It’s such a shame, because I love to swim, and I think the kids would too.

Addie had some fun in the sand….

And so did Aidan!

They even had some fun together!

After the kids were done playing in the sand, we went over to another portion of the park. This is a place I’ve been meaning to attempt photographing them for some time now. It’s a cute little pond with fountains and pretty landscaping. Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many great shots. It was very hard to shoot and make sure that the other kid wasn’t going to fall in the pond. I also really struggled with the lighting. It was just too pretty and sunny…which gave me shadows no matter how hard I tried to avoid them.

I did get one shot of the kids together. I so wish Aidan would give me eye contact! For now, I’ll settle with this.

Addie in the gazebo *sigh* If only the lighting was better (or if I at least knew how to work with it!)….

For now, I don’t have any to add of Aidan, but this makes me smile. I was trying to get a shot of him by the bridge when Addie started to run off. He took off and grabbed her hand to keep her safe! He really does love her!

I’m really hoping to get the opportunity to go back in the evening hours when the sun isn’t has harsh. Maybe even Jim can come and join us! He actually has a day off this week!


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