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Look, it’s me

I’ve had these just sitting around on my computer for a couple weeks now. Since my kids and husband are over being my models, I resorted to photographing myself. It’s not easy! It’s hard to guess where I should be lined up and how my angles look. Not to mention that I don’t have a remote for my camera. So I set the timer, then try to position myself in the frame and try to look natural before the shutter snaps. Then I run back over to the camera to see that I didn’t cut myself off and am in focus. In doing this, I had a lot of funny expressions that I won’t dare show anyone!

So here I am. I tried giving them a more edgy look. Because you all know, I’m sooo edgy. LOL! With an exception of a couple little things, like my super white arms, (that I probably could go back and fix if I really wanted to), I’m pretty happy with them.

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