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It’s fun to be one!

Well, we survived Addie’s first birthday! She was such a good girl, and really had such a good time! Her party was all such a whirlwind, but I like to think it was pretty successful! I didn’t get much opportunity to take pictures, but thanks to Vic for getting these while we opened presents!

I was playing around a little on Photoshop. I think I kind of like this effect for this pic!

She really liked to look at the pictures on her cards. So cute!

She was pretty excited about this one! She wanted to start playing with it right away!

One of us opening presents together. I really feel like I look like such a goober here! Yay! A sand pail!

On to the cake! She did pretty good! She was a bit slow to get into it, but in the end she made enough of a mess to warrant a bath. Her mess paled in comparison to her brothers though!

My first attemp at selective color. It’s OK, don’t know if I’ll do it often.

And just to show how her big brother didn’t mess around! Oh, and this pic’s quality is horrible! I can only find it saved to my Photobucket and it loses something being saved back again! Obviously, Aidan never had red hair!


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