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When the boys are away..

Jim and Aidan took a little trip to Connecticut. Jim attended A job fair for the Hard Rock Casino in Florida. They also were able to visit with Jim’s parents. This is great for Aidan since we don’t get to see them very often. The trip was successful. Jim got the job, but we still aren’t sure if we have the means to move to South Florida. Aidan also spent some quality time with Grandma and Grampa Hosking.
I stayed home with Addie. We didn’t think she would travel very well. I actually enjoyed our alone time very much! It was surprisingly peaceful, and a much needed break for me….that is if you consider caring for a demanding 9 month old and cleaning house a break! LOL! We were able to have some much needed mommy/daughter time. I used some free time to get some pictures of Addie. She’s getting so big, and her personality is really coming out! It’s also getting to be a challenge to get a decent shot of her as she’s becoming more mobile!
While taking pictures, I realized that I haven’t had a picture of me and her alone since she was born! I actually love this, even though I’m not wearing makeup!

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