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Pretty little Baby Dani

I got to meet this sweet 7 day old a couple of weeks ago.  She is by far the strongest newborn I’ve ever seen!  I’ve never seen a baby this young fight tummy time! But this little gal was just so sweet and loved to cuddle!


Chase is ONE!!!!

This little guy Chase is quite the cutie!!!! I’m pretty attached to the little guy.  Not is he adorable with the cutest little personality, but he’s the first baby that I’ve photographed from birth (and actually in the womb for his pretty Momma’s maternity) up to his first year!  This is quite the milestone for both of us!  So, let’s reminisce!



6 months

And now he’s one!

How fast they grow!!!!!  It’s such a pleasure to be able to see these little sweeties grow into little people.  Happy Birthday Chase!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Just thought I’d pop in to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday!!!!  I’m taking a quick break from making my very untraditional  meatballs for dinner.  We had our more traditional holiday dinner of Prime Rib the other night while Jim was off of work.  After that the kids will open some presents, then we’ll make some cookies for Santa!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Because I haven’t shared anything in a while…

Here’s one I took of my kids a month or so ago.  I just recently edited it and kinda love it….

Aidan’s SIXTH Birthday party

Oh, I know, I’m SUCH a bad mom!  I’ve had these pics done and everything since his birthday, and I’m just now posting them.  November and December (and October too!) have just been crazy busy and I honestly am having a hard time keeping my head straight.  So, my apologies to my awesome boy, but better late than never!

As you many know, my sweet little boy has grown into a pretty amazing big boy.  I don’t know how it happened, but there is pretty much no trace of little boy left in him.  He has grown (physically and emotionally!) so much this year, probably more so than any other year if you don’t count babyhood.  He’s FUNNY!  He’s sweet, he’s smart, he’s eager to learn.  He LOVES school.  He has so many friends now and it makes him so happy.  He’s creative!  In the past few months, he went from absolutely no interest in drawing/art, to really loving it.  I know I’m his mom, but dare I say that I see a talent? ♥  I’m so proud of him, and love him so much.  He brings me so much joy.  Happy (belated) Sixth Birthday to one incredibly awesome kid.

So, now on to the fun stuff!  Aidan wanted to have his party at a bowling alley this year.  We let him invite a few school friends and we had a blast!

As you can see, he had the time of his life!  So glad that we could give him such an awesome day!

LJ+ Noah+Olivia=One CUTE family!

Last week I did my last outdoor session of the season.  We met up at a local outdoor mall in hopes that it would be a little warmer than a park.  I’m not sure if it was much warmer, but I do think it was a nice place to do a session before the holidays!  I got to photograph a couple of cute brothers and their adorable cousin that you may recognize from Here!

Well, I think good looks certainly run in this family!  These boys were CUTE and so much fun!

This is Noah.  He wasn’t a huge fan of the camera, but the camera sure loves him!

I mean really, cuteness just exudes from him!

And his big brother LJ is equally cute, super fun and a GREAT kid!  It’s so not fair when boys get eyelashes like these!

And he was SO sweet with his baby cousin!

And speaking of his cousin, I think this shot of Olivia is one of my all time favorites to date.  It’s PERFECT for the holidays!

Thanks for patiently waiting for your sneak peek, Erin and Sarah!  I’ll be finishing up shortly!

Pretty little baby Sarah

The other day I got to break in my new backdrop stand and set up.  This is how I will be photographing during the cold winter months.  But more importantly, I got to meet one CUTE little baby girl!  This is Sarah and she is 3 months old.  This is such an awesome age to photograph because this is when babies start to show their personalities and have enough strength to hold their heads up…. and this little gal was very strong and full of personality.

Isn’t she the cutest?

Look at that sweet smile!

And there are no words to describe the cuteness here.

Her big brother even made a guest appearance for a few too!  But we’re keeping those secret until Holiday Cards are sent.

Sweet 6 week old Joey

The other day I got the opportunity to meet one sweet little baby. He is 6 weeks old and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into this shoot.   Of course, he was adorable which I did expect.  He was very sweet and very good!  Also very alert!

Tell me his mom isn’t going to have a hard time resisting this face!

So very, very sweet!!!

After a bit of work, we got him to sleep

He fought being on his tummy, but persistence paid off! It doesn’t get sweeter than this!

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Nico+Mikael+Talia=Some darn good looking kids!

I got to meet up with an old Casino friend and her stunning kids the other day!  To say these kids rock would be an understatement. They were gorgeous, loved the camera, and didn’t even mind when I had them posing very close to each other.  Not to mention we had to endure some CRAZY 30 mph wind gusts!  Thank you so much guys!

First meet Nico.  He’s the oldest of the bunch. Didn’t I tell you he was a good-looking kid?

And this is his STUNNING younger sister Mikael.

And last but certainly not least is miss Natalia.  Have I said that I love this girl yet?  Because I do!

I have to say that I adore the next two shots of the kids together. Ambre, I’m going to kidnap you kids and take pics of them all the time.  I’m not kidding!

Halloween in the Park

I’m a little late in blogging this, but things have been a bit hectic to say the least!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any of my own kiddos!  Last weekend our city held their annual Halloween in the Park.  It’s  fun time when local businesses set up a booths for the kids to trick or treat at while they promote their business.  There are also some carnival rides, and cider and donuts, hayrides.  The kids love it!

Here are the kids in their costume

Here’s Addie…

Annnnnd Aidan!

Aidan found a cool spot on the fence to hang out while we waited in line to get in.

Yay for  candy!!!!

I know it’s a bit out of focus, but the kids got to enjoy a train ride

Once Addie heard the Scooby Doo theme playing by the stage, she wanted to go dance.  I absolutely LOVE this pic of her.  Notice the tongue sticking out? She is SO my girl!

And this one is so cute.  The next song was the Cha Cha Slide and she was totally into it.  First time she ever heard it, but she knew what to do!